LA Blog: Withdrawals

Oh goodness guys,  reality. Leaving L.A. was one of the most devastating things that has ever happened to me. But before I tell you about that, I just want to thank Los Angeles and everyone in it for being so welcoming and for making our stay so good I wanted to quit my job and stay forever. My L.A. experience was so surreal, like, I’ve never been so happy in my life and I’ve never had such a graceful adrenalynn rush. And for that reason I’m also really sorry that there won’t be a LA Blog for Day 5 because I was so busy taking in whatever I could before I left. But, I will include what I do have of my highlights to tell you guys about my last days there.


On my last day I wore a matching cropped halter top and skirt set that I scored ON SALE. Can a girl get a holla? This set cost me less than $50.00 USD and everyone can relate, that is unreal at AA. I love the thin scuba material of this set a) because of the minimalistic design and pattern and b) because coffee stains got nothing on it. Even bigger plus for my fellow clumsy caffeine addicts.

    DSC_5353    DSC_5355


The flared top and skirt made me feel like I was ready to play some tennis, but everyone knows I can’t do sports. But hey, if I did, I would look pretty darn good. As I mentioned before water just rolls off this material, which saves a hot day. I wore some espadrilles to add to my relaxed look, but if I were home I could also wear this set with some heels to make it chic, or wear sneakers to make fashion meet function.

DSC_5461    DSC_5414    DSC_5446

The back of the top is split to keep that hot L.A. air flowin’, so if I were to wear this again in San Francisco, I would wear a strapless bra or pasties. My usual samurai bun and sunnies finish off the look and my fluffy zip cardigan keeps me warm.

Robert is rocking his new polo with some shorts that hit above the knee. I find that these Express polos fit him really well so for my dudes reading, Robert is a small for your reference. Ya welcome.

    DSC_5434    DSC_5442


I love that this polo is only stripey from the shoulders and below because he can use it later in S.F. for a light layering piece. With the bipolar weather at home, he can throw on a sweater over it and still have a collar for some class, and take it off and wear it alone when it gets hotter later. Bam! Two looks in one. Fashion meets function  a lot in this post, I’m on a roll guys!

DSC_5438    DSC_5435


His socks are allowed to show today for some contrast to the all-lights theme today without being too overwhelming. His usual watch and shades bring in more subtle notes of contrast to tie it up.


Okay, brace yourself for a lot of highlights because theres a lot of them.

Ladies first. My besterest friends from school, Victoria Lo of The VLocity and my dear friend Giselle, met us up for lunch at Lemonade, an American style cafeteria, and showed us down Rodeo Drive. But, Sprinkles Cupcakes was the best stop we made. We got the cutest cupcake sundaes and of course, Robert went too close to the ice-cream. I got a red velvet cupcake with salty caramel ice-cream and I have to say that was the best idea ever. I love salty-sweet combos, so this hit the spot on a hot day. Not to mention the amazing cupcake ATM outside for self service! I think the “I love Sprinkles! Yes I do, yes I do! The best cupcakes in the world!” has become the theme song of our summer.


DSC_5292    DSC_5293    DSC_5297





Korean Barbecue is so bomb guys like it’s not even funny. Especially when there are super nice servers who are willing to do all your cooking for you! I feel awful for forgetting where we went but when I remember, I will edit it in. Grilled pineapple after your meal? What dessert?

DSC_5298    DSC_5300


Just kidding we went for dessert anyway. Everyone we’ve talked to about our trip in L.A. told us to try Milk, so we did. Just because it was the most colorful and interesting ice-cream macaron, we of course got Fruit Loops. Isn’t this so fun looking? All the colors looked very appealing as they always do to me, and it seriously tasted like a bowl of cereal! I also sampled the Nutella ice-cream that was super on point.

DSC_5311    DSC_5302    DSC_5314


We started our last day right with breakfast at the Sycamore Kitchen. I wanted everything in the pastry case to-go, but we settled for the pork belly hash with 2 eggs. Crunchy potatoes+meat+peppers=YES. Just YES. And I can’t forget about my iced coffee. Ahhh…

DSC_5328    DSC_5323    DSC_5320

After that, I had the most exhilarating experience going to the wax museum and taking a picture with FOREST GUMP. OH MY GOODNESS. Well of course the real Forest would have been a zillion times more awesome, but it was just so cool to be next to a character that taught me so much about honesty and where it can take you. I also got to meet Vin Diesel and the Queen Bey! Just kidding guys, I wish I did.

DSC_5339    DSC_5346    DSC_5343

The Arts District was a super cool area to be taking blog photos. There were so many cool murals and props! Every wall provides something totally different to the picture and have just as much character as the next. These were some of my favorites: DSC_5423    DSC_5398    DSC_5403


Last stop, Little Tokyo. Robert and I both lost our sushi-belt-ginity at Kula on the edge of the Plaza. For massed produced food, the quality was surprisingly good. All the fish was fresh and prepared fast, but presented well. It was a good way to end our adventures in this beautiful city.

Again, thank you Los Angeles! You are beautiful as well as everyone in it. Stay genYOUine L.A. and see you soon!





LA Blog: Day 4

Salutations beautiful people! And shout out to the wonderful people we brought along with us on our adventure today! After doing a little shopping and eating on Melrose Avenue, our friend Jon and his friends from school, Winn and Fran, joined us for a stroll down Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, and dinner. To dress to impress our guests we wore…


I bought this romper during the second day actually. I decided that I needed to overcome my fear of prints and colors and thought that these colors still kept it dark enough to suit my liking, but were bright enough to show beneath my jacket   . I loved the silky material because it was flowy and let air through easily.


Even though my hat and jacket are the same, I finally switched shoes and shades! I picked these brown aviators because they’re a lot lighter looking than my heavy black round rims. Plus, they have UV ray protection so my eyes stay safe. I switched up the game with my Birkenstocks to add another level of comfort.

DSC_5264    DSC_5267

My Duds:

Romper: Out From Under

Shades: Love Melrose

Hat: J.Crew

Jacket: Your Neighbors

Shoes: Birkenstock

Robert is wearing a really cool button down courier with an old school bike print on it with some olive twill pants. The print on the button down uniquely shout summer while staying within the two color scheme to tone it down. Visually, I like that the bikes have different sizes to mix it up so that it doesn’t look like the print is too consistent without being runway-crazy.

DSC_5272    DSC_5274    DSC_5282

The twill pants that Robert is wearing are the same ones as his navy ones just in olive. I mean hey, if they’re comfortable, why not get a few colors? The olive, as opposed to the navy, is lighter so it attracts less heat for this sweltering weather. He cuffed his pant legs to show off his argyle “big boy socks” which jazz up some basic oxfords. His watch and leather band give the look a sophisticated and put-together feel. To bring it home, Robert has on some tortoise shades purchased at a WOMEN’S clothing store which is A okay in my book.

DSC_5279    DSC_5291    DSC_5288

His Duds:

Courier: 21Mens

Pants: Standard Cloth

Socks: Express

Shoes: Aldo

Watch: Swiss

Shades: Love Melrose


My smokey brown eye is still the same only today, I added a more shimmery shadow in the center and inner corner of my lids to brighten up the look. I used the 35 sable set and Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette from Morphe Brushes to create the colors in my eye look today. I lined and winged my eyes with the Kat Von D Ink Liner in Trooper for some definition. I stuck with my all time favorite mascara, the Diorshow Overcurl Mascara, to lengthen, lift, and separate my lashes.


My brows were filled and sculpted with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Granite and cleaned with the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard.


My lips were my favorite part of the look today. I used the Lime Crime Velvetine Lipstick in Cashmere for a subtly off-natural color that cooled down the look. I love these lipsticks because they smell good and they’re also non-transferable so eating and drinking won’t result in a hot mess as easily. Just take it as motivation to stay away from that unhealthy, greasy food to keep your lipstick in check because it will come off with oil.

DSC_5239    DSC_5248


Oh. My. Goodness. Remember when I said Eggslut was the best breakfast ever? Blu Jam made me unsure of that choice. Blu Jam’s food was so amazing, like, no freakin’ kidding. I ordered the Vanilla French Toast which opened heaven for me and took me back. Oh yeah, and that Gourmet Burger in the back there is Robert Burger Man Wong Approved. Check.

Snapchat-1326065164522904059    IMG_5849

Later that day we had a fun filled afternoon with our buddy Jon at UCLA and Santa Monica Pier. I as the ticket holder and Master of Fruit Ninja at the huge arcade down there. We tried to win me another unicorn, but we failed. It was the perfect end to a perfect Day. That’s it for now, but see you guys tomorrow!

Stay genYOUine,


LA Blog: Day 3

Good Morning! Day three is gone and I already feel like reality is too close. It hit me the hardest on the tram ride back when I thought to myself, “Wow, I wish this remorse hit me everyday.” L.A. has been so good to us (except for bad park food) so far and I don’t want to forget it. Today’s journey through Disney’s California Adventures was packed with…


The lack of space in my pockets that I usually lack in my pocket when compared to Robert’s was compensated with the deep and multiple pockets in these cute overall shorts I picked out for today. I literally did not even need my purse, ladies you know how good that is. My tablet of a phone and my zip pouch both fit in my pockets and didn’t fall out, even on the big kid rides! I kept only one buckle secured to keep it fun and to show off my cool tee.

NMS_5212    NMS_5213

And oh my goodness guys, how proud are you of me for finally wearing a graphic tee? For those of you who don’t know, I have a secret fear of buying graphics because something always tells me that it won’t match the clothes I have or that I’ll regret buying that specific graphic later for some irrelevant reason. But I spotted this graphic muscle tank while shopping the other day and thought the two color scheme and simple shapes were a good place to breach my comfort zone.


My jacket, as usual, provided extra coverage for cooler nights while also adding more texture and the black surrounding whatever I wore under some shape. My wide brimmed fedora kept the look relaxed and the sunnies finished the look.

NMS_5217    NMS_5218

My Duds:

Overalls: Target

Jacket: Your Neighbors

Muscle Tank: Future State

Hat: J. Crew

Sunnies: Forever21

Oxfords: Madewell

Robert busted out of the comfort zone AGAIN with these stripey shorts. Woo! Babe’s on a roll. Linen always has that heathery color quality that mixes up anything you wear with it and lightens up any look. A linen shell lets air flow freely for comfort while adding some character to your average V-neck.

DSC_5221    DSC_5222

Color wise, Robert’s outfit is accented by this average burgundy V-neck. A bright pop of color supplements the washed out colors of his shorts and gives them a little life as well. Each piece gives a little to another, which equals cohesion.

DSC_5223    DSC_5225

Robert kept the short socks out today to provide some contrast to his white converse that tie in to the whole look with their red stripes.

His Duds:

V-neck Tee: Banana Republic

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Socks: Adidas

Shoes: Converse


Today’s adventure took us through the sky with huge rollercoasters and circle swings. The both of us are kind of rollercoaster junkies, so California Screamin’ is officially the best ride EVER. The circle swings were supposed to be a relaxing experience, but for some reason I was more scared than I thought I would be. I didn’t have the guts to take selfies on it, but got some of Robert. I felt so unaccomplished next to the toddlers who were enjoying themselves a bit more than me.

DSC_5201    DSC_5203    DSC_5205

See you guys tomorrow!

Stay genYOUine,


LA Blog: Day 2

Good Morning lovely people! Woo, another amazing day in LA which was supposed to feature Disneyland, but guess whose camera died… BUT I did manage to get at least our outfits of the day in as well as a few highlights at the beginning so all is well… sort of. Anyways, this is what we wore:


So today I went with another comfy outfit that would not hinder my experience at the happiest place on Earth. I just threw on a basic pair of black joggers that I thought would minimize my drying time after water rides and whose length is adjustable depending on the weather. In the early morning and late night, I left the pants at their normal length and in the sizzling afternoon, I hiked them up to my knees for a shorter length that still went with my outfit.

IMG_5823    IMG_5834

My striped crop tee broke the black with some print that kept it simple and was still child friendly. Not that anything I wear is never child friendly anyways… Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll take that back.


Of course my usual extra layer, which was my light wash denim jacket, would get messed up because of my clumsiness at lunch so, it isn’t pictured. However that is what your imaginations are for! Just picture it without spaghetti sauce on it…

My little samurai top knot kept my hair out of my face for a scruffier way to enhance my Disney experience and my usual sunnies protected my bare eyes. Speaking of which, I went out bare faced today and will do the same tomorrow, so deal with it. Just kidding, don’t run away if you see me guys I promise I’m not a real zombie.

IMG_5829    IMG_5827

My Duds:

Tee: Madewell

Joggers: Madewell

Sunnies: Forever21

Denim Jacket (not pictured): H&M

Oxfords: Madewell

Robert also looked very casual today, but dressed up some basic white Converse with a floral courier shirt picked my yours truly. This pattern really shouted, “SUMMER. IS. HERE.” when we shopped for it so I thought this print would be perfect for this weather. Again, all cotton for those hot blooded people out there to keep air flowin’ and cuffed sleeves for an enlarged gun effect for my lean viewers out there. I also must say, I am very proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and wearing bold patterns. Good job Babe!

IMG_5840    IMG_5837_2    IMG_5839

His cargo shorts hit just above the knees to keep with that new tapered look he’s got going on for himself while keeping those usually saggy, useful pockets under control. The color also leans more towards a yellow than a khaki to match those buds on his shirt.


And if you’re going to show wrist guys, ya best have something on it. Robert’s new favorite black watch adds some more handy dandy class to his chill outfit. And yup, his leather wrist band has my name on it. Sorry ladies.

IMG_5842    IMG_5841

His Duds:

Courier Shirt: 21Mens

Shorts: Club Monaco

Shoes: Converse

Watch: Swiss


Okay waking up at 6am deserves a good explanation. Other than just wanting to do everything at Disneyland, I wanted to see what the buzz was about at California Donuts. So, we did. I couldn’t help myself. I needed a donut with cereal on it. Especially if the cereal is colorful. The cereal was soggy by the time I ate it so I honestly wouldn’t get them again unless I knew they just came out, but if they did, I bet they would have been awesome. We also got a green tea donut which really tasted like green tea and second-round-worthy, so overall thumbs up.


When we got to the park we rudely interrupted this ducky family’s morning stroll with our obnoxious fascination with cute things. But oh my goodness guys, if this mama duck wasn’t on my case I literally would have smuggled one out of the park. They were too adorable! But I also learned that ducklings don’t actually walk in lines… I feel cheated by my childhood movies and storybooks now… Whatever, still cute.


Tomorrow, we’ll be in Disney’s California Adventure Park, so stick with us on the go!

Stay genYOUine,


LA Blog: Day 1

Good Morning my Adrenalynn Spikes!

Guess who’s in Los Angeles?! I’ll be doing a fashion and beauty diary for you guys here and will throw in a couple highlights (which will mostly be of food because ya know… food is important). A huge shout out to all my LA viewers because you guys know what’s up down here and for an amazing first day! Let me tell you all about it…


Today was a lax shopping day after a long drive, so I went with a really chill outfit that was really comfy and loose. I tucked my big boyfriend button down (that’s bigger than my boyfriend) into my boy shorts for some definition (and to let everyone know that yes, I am indeed wearing pants). The paint splatters on my shorts add dimension with an effortless pattern.

DSC_5177   DSC_5182

Aren’t these circle sunnies cute? I was looking for the longest time for perfectly round, basic sunglasses that match everything and these do just that. My oversized zip cardigan add texture and an extra layer to my outfit to block the wind and my wide brim fedora tops off the look.

DSC_5188    DSC_5188

My Duds:

Button Down: 21Mens

Jacket: Your Neighbors

Shorts: Madewell

Fedora: J. Crew

Sunglasses: Forever21

Oh yes. Dudes, I did not forget about you. Robert has graciously allowed me to photograph him as an un-contracted male model for this trip (hehe, shout out to babe). So, there will be daily men’s features as well.

DSC_5171    DSC_5174

Robert’s look today was riding on that all- solids vibe so a chambray button down adds a subtle bit of print to navy tapered twill pants without weighing him down. These pants maybe dark for L.A. weather, but twill is a light enough material to let air slow through and still provide enough coverage for chilly nights.

DSC_5175    DSC_5176

His lightweight toggle windbreaker put in their two cents with wood and brass hardware and white leather details. A 100% cotton shell keeps internal temperatures cool for you naturally boiling-blooded guys out there who are looking for some good coverage at night without putting on a parka. Basic leather oxfords cap the outfit with some relaxed class.

His Duds:

Button Down: Uniqlo

Pants: Standard Cloth

Jacket: H&M

Socks: Express

Shoes: Aldo


For my eyes today, I went with a warm brown smokey eye to celebrate summer while making sure my eyes look done. I used the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe Brushes as well as their 18-Piece Sable set to create this look. I tight-lined with the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Perversion and winged my liner with Kat Von D’s Ink Liner.

DSC_5196    DSC_5193

I did my brows with the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Granite and sculpted them with the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard.


Heh… Hellooo…


Today we stumbled upon what could be the best breakfast sandwiches ever. Seriously guys, it gave us life. Okay first of all the place was called Eggslut. First of all, how does anyone come up with the name Eggslut? Second, how did they manage to get Robert to like a runny egg between two pieces of bread (for those reasons, they are already magical)? Oh yeah, shout out to my girl Jess for recommending this place! Miss you girl!


Behind the counter is the epitome of L.A. ‘s big-melting pot. You can find everything from fresh produce, to your bajillion year- old bagel shop that’s still running, to homey artisanal food kiosks. The atmosphere made us want to literally eat everything and learn about all the different cultures we saw in one tiny place.

DSC_5137    DSC_5144

DSC_5148    DSC_5146

A little unrelated bonus we found in the ginormous Anthropology at the Grove: tell me this isn’t the cutest accident ever.


Stay tuned for my adventures in DISNEYLAND tomorrow!

Stay genYOUine,


GRWM: Prom

I hope you still remember me. LOL.

Sorry I haven’t been posting guys! There’s really no excuse for me to not be posting, so I seriously apologize.

SO it is prom season! This is just a quick little pictorial of what I think would make for a really pretty, top-heavy prom look that’s neutral and won’t scare your date away. Let’s get started!


I already did my foundation, brows, and bronzer the same way I always do. Yeah, I’m in my PJ’s. Be comfy during prep, but don’t wear your PJ’s to prom…

Start by priming your eyes. Ain’t nobody wanna see your eye makeup melt off girl.


Tight line the top waterline with a black eyeliner and set it with black shadow. Wiggle the liner into your lashes to avoid the pink line of flesh in between. Yeah girl you know what I’m talking’ about.

DSC_5009    DSC_5022

I took a matte nude color into my nonexistent crease to create one and to lay down a blending color for later.


Then I took a cool taupe into the outer V and blended it inwards, but didn’t go past the center third of my lid.


Press a shimmery brownish pink over the lid, concentrating most of it in the middle.


Highlight the inner corner/ tear duct with a shimmery light pink shadow and draw it into the lower lash line. I used the shadow wet with my setting spray to enhance the color.


Curl your lashes and add a lengthening and/or defining mascara. I didn’t put mascara on my bottom lashes because mine would get too long, but you can if you want longer bottom lashes.You can stop here, but I believe in going all out for prom with false lashes. So, I did a thin line and tiny wing with liquid liner.

DSC_5045  DSC_5048  DSC_5064

Apply them falsies baby. I chose a pair of wispy lashes to keep with that enhanced natural look (that’s totally contradictory. LOL.). Ooo, I feel them when I blink.

DSC_5065    DSC_5067

AND YOU ARE DONE. Have a fun and safe night at prom ladies and gents! Make every moment count and, as Mama Lynn always says, make good choices kay?

DSC_5085  DSC_5086  DSC_5089

Stay genYOUine.


Plush Blush


I hope you all are doing welllll. Good luck on your first weeks back at school and cherish the last week of break for those who are still off! For todays OOTD, I decided to combine my ongoing pastel phase with the Asian street style that has grown on me since my last trip to Korea. Easy fitting silhouettes make for the comfiest of clothes and light layers are welcome in all seasons of SanFran.

DSC_4906    DSC_4908

First of all, a lot of you know that pink was never my color. However, the chunky basic stitch drew my attention away from the fact that I was wearing what my 7-year-old self would have deemed “the ugliest color ever created.” But surprisingly, I am warming up to wearing the blush/pastel hues quite well, stated with this oversized light coat.

DSC_4923    DSC_4917

Deep pockets were another plus. I mean c’mon, very rarely can a girl fit her whole wallet in a pocket. Deep pockets also mean cover in the Winter later (multi seasonal points!).

DSC_4933    DSC_4934

To be honest, I thought I looked a little unkept with my poofy beanie and chunky boots, but my cat eye half rims and alligator skin print satchel saved me from looking like a hoodlum. I don’t know, but adding this pair of shades adds class back into everything…

DSC_4921    DSC_4932

Mixed textures and colors are always a need in my outfits. Chunky knits contrast with soft jersey and pastels bring basic grey and black back to life.


Beanie: H&M

Sunnies: Ebay

Jersey Dress: H&M

Coat: Urban Outfitters

Satchel: Forever21

Booties: Urban Outfitters

PC: Rachel Wong

stay genYOUine,